Mud disaster of Lapindo is a stressor to society becoming its victim. Loss everything which initially owned to generate psychological response which all kinds. Psychological response include denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. Psychological response of  mud victim society of Lapindo influenced by internal factors and eksternal factors. The objective of this research is to analyse factors related to psychological response of mud victim society of Lapindo Sidoarjo.

It’s an analytic descriptive research. The population was citizen of Renokenongo village RT 01 / 01. Sample size was 66 respondents who met the inclusion criteria. The selection of the sample was conducted using probability sampling that is simple random sampling. Data were collected using Kubler Ross’s psychological response questionnare and open question. Data were analyze by analysis content and using  Spearman’S Rho statistical test with signifikan level at < 0,05.

The result of research show psychological response most of mud victim society of Lapindo  is acceptance 63%, denial 6%, bargaining  25%, anger 3% and depression 3%. Most of responder’s age are 20-30 year ( 38%), 36% responder’s education are junior high school and 53% responder do not work after evacuate. The result of statistical test show there is no significant relation between age and psychological response with p = – 0,279, there is no significant relation netween education level with psychological response with p = 0,277 and there is significant relation between job and psychological response with p = 0,001.

            Significant relation between age and education level with psychological response will seen if the age and education level of responder are heterogeneous. So, it’s need to do research again to get an acurat result.


Keyword : Psychological response, mud disaster, Lapindo

*By : Suratmi (Alumni of Nursing School Airlangga University-Indonesia)