Recruitment and registration of Indonesian Nurses (Kangoshi) To Japan

Sehubungan dengan pelaksanaan penempatan TKKI Nurse (Kangoshi) ke Jepang Program G to G, berdasarkan MoU antara Pemerintah Indonesia dan Pemerintah Jepang, dengan ini diberitahukan kepada Calon Nurse (Kangoshi) yang berminat bekerja ke Jepang bahwa pendaftaran dilakukan oleh Pusat Pemberdayaan Profesi dan Tenaga Kesehatan Luar Negeri (Puspronakes LN) Kementerian Kesehatan dan proses selanjutnya untuk penempatan dilakukan oleh BNP2TKI. Informasi lebih lanjut dapat diakses melalui website : / /, dengan ketentuan sebagai berikut :
Pendaftaran dilakukan langsung oleh Calon Nurse (Kangoshi) ke tempat pendaftaran dengan mengisi formulir pendaftaran Formulir 5 yang diisi jelas dan lengkap dengan melampirkan persyaratan.
Pendaftaran calon Nurse (Kangoshi) dilakukan di Pusat Pemberdayaan Profesi dan Tenaga Kesehatan Luar Negeri (Puspronakes LN) Kementerian Kesehatan Continue reading Recruitment and registration of Indonesian Nurses (Kangoshi) To Japan

Kolej Linton Sdn Bhd – Nursing Lecturer , Negeri Sembilan

LEGENDA EDUCATION GROUP is a leading provider of private higher education in Malaysia offering a wide range of programmes in its full fledged campus including franchised programmes with local universities and collaborative programmes with foreign universities and professional bodies. We are now venturing into Health and Allied Health Sciences education and in line with our rapid expansion; we invite self-motivated individuals with the drive to excel and grow, to join us as Nursing Lecturers and Clinical Instructors.
Job Description
Education / Qualifications:
· Masters / Honours Degree in Nursing and appropriate professional qualification and currently registered with Nursing Board Of Malaysia.
· Must posses a valid Annual Practising Certificate (APC)
· Minimum of 3 years of hospital clinical experiences.
· Minimum of 3 years of teaching experiences.
· Able to provide evidence of practice experience as a nurse.
· Relevant teaching experience in surgical/medical care practice.
· Experience of teaching in clinical settings.
· Evidence of good/innovative pedagogic practice.
· Awareness of current Nursing Board priorities in relation to the changing workforce in Nursing and health care.
· Computer literate (Microsoft office – Excel, Word, Power Point and other presentation softwares).
· Contemporary knowledge in clinical teaching skills.

PeopleSearch Limited – Nurse (Ref.: PSH/FIG/IB050D) , Hongkong

(A) Job Specification
•Good PC knowledge
•Minimum of 1 – 2 years’ relevant experience in providing nursing duties for medical clinics
•Demonstrate effective communications skills, especially Chinese & English
•Ability of leadership is desirable
•Previous experience in informal & formal nursing educational forum. Be able to work overtime as may be required
•Initiative to upgrade skill and knowledge to cope with daily operations
•Demonstrate ability to work independently, especially in clinical skills
•Act in a professional manner in all clinical dealings with other nurses / staff in the centre & the public
(B) Job Description
Administration & Operation
•Report to the Nurse IC to maintain and upkeep the facilities according to demand and expectation
•Deliver services to meet Company’s service standards
•Help the booking of medical appointment and registration of patients
•Obtain approval as contract indicated
•Manage patient expectation. Handle complaints and execute improvement plan
•Explain the dosage of medicine to the clients in need Clinical
•Assess, stabilize and evaluate the patient’s clinical status
•Carry out nursing duties such as blood-taking, injection, ECG, physical check up formalities
•Assist the doctors to carry out procedures and necessary duties Continue reading PeopleSearch Limited – Nurse (Ref.: PSH/FIG/IB050D) , Hongkong