A Call for Indonesian Scientists: Merck – i3L Life Sciences Award – Submission Period: June -October 14, 2016

Dear Indonesian Scientists,

Merck Indonesia with The Indonesia International Institute for Life-Sciences (i3L) initiated the Merck – i3L Life Sciences Award to appreciate Indonesian scientists for their researches within the life science area, particularly ones that help people to have a better quality of life, increase awareness of Indonesia’s life science researches and discoveries as the solution to life challenges, and promote life science researches in Indonesia. We invite Indonesian scientists to submit their work and participate in the Merck – i3L Life Sciences Award competition.

Submission Period: June – October 14, 2016
Merck – i3L Life Sciences Award will be held on November 23rd, 2016. Winners will be announced at the Awards Presentation.

Who is eligible to enter?

• Opens for scientists with Indonesian citizenship
• Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and scientists from universities, private and state research institutions, as well as hospitals are welcome to participate

What are the research criteria?
•The research criteria:
– Product advancement (finished products), or
– Knowledge advancement (papers)

• Three research fields:
– Health
– Food security (agriculture) and nutrition
– Environment
• Must be in wet-laboratory- based within life science field. Any other field, e.g. behavioral or social research will not be eligible
• As the minimum requirement, the research is published within 3 years or is ongoing but almost reaching completion/publication
• The research has not won any other competition within or outside Indonesia

What are the submission guidelines?
• The submission period: June – October 14, 2016
• The submission should be sent through email: lifesciencesaward@merck.i3l.ac.id
• Submission not by 1st author must provide agreement from the research team (preferably submission by 1st author)
• All submission must be in English
• Format of submission:
-Product advancement category : Poster, Full Paper, Abstract, Video (explanation of how to use the products, max 5 minutes)
-Knowledge advancement category : Poster, Full Paper, Abstract
• Poster format:
Portrait, A1 paper size in English.
• Poster contents:
1. Introduction
2. Problem Statement
3. Research Methodology
4. Result & Analysis
5. Conclusion and Recommendation
6. Reference

· Winner of Knowledge Advancement category: IDR 30 million + Merck Product + Trophy

· Winner of Product Advancement category: IDR 30 million + Merck Product + Trophy

· 10 Finalists: Trophy

For more information:

T: 021 2856 5600 (Meiryosha Dwi Putri/Yulianti), 021 295 67888 (Alvina)

E: lifesciencesaward@merck.i3l.ac.id

www.merck.co.id | www.competition.i3l.ac.id

About Merck
Merck is a leading global science technology company that experts in improving and enhancing lives. Over the past decades, Merck has fundamentally transformed from a mid-sized German chemicals and pharmaceutical company into a global science technology company. We have a unique combination of specialist expertise in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Scientists are Merck’s important stakeholders and their role are crucial because their researches, especially in life sciences, advance the knowledge and discoveries that meet Indonesians’ needs to achieve a better quality of life. These needs include medical and pharmaceutical facilities that could directly improves the quality of life and the human development index.

About i3L
The Indonesia International Institute for Life Sciences (i3L) is a premium life science higher education and research institute located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Currently, i3L offers seven bachelor programs in BioMedicine, Pharmacy, BioInformatics, BioTechnology, FoodScience, FoodTechnology, and BioEntrepreneurship. i3L’s vision is to be a leading and globally connected interdisciplinary institution that impacts society through science and innovation. i3L strives to realize its vision by leveraging science, innovation and unique national resources to accelerate Indonesian competitiveness in the global landscape. With its top-quality faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, applied research in collaboration with strong local and international partners, i3L actively adheres to the Quadruple-Helix model providing an unique, interdisciplinary and integrative learning environment; shaping a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurial scientists. i3L offers Pathway programs that allow you to directly continue your education after graduation from i3L to Masters programs at top universities across the world.

Thank you


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