A Framework for Community Health Nursing Education

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Revitalization of primary health care calls for an urgent need to review and
strengthen the education and training of the health workforce, especially at
the community level. This ensures that the workforce understands the current
health challenges and health systems of the country, is competent to work with
the people and community in delivering public health interventions based on
primary health care, and effectively responds to the needs and demands of
the people.
The community health nurse or public health nurse is one category of
the health workforce in the community. In all pre-service nursing or nursing
and midwifery curricula, there are one or two courses in community health
nursing, which provide basic information on community health and the role
of nurses in the community. In response to the primary health care movement,
a framework of community health nursing education has been developed for
use in countries of South-East Asia. This framework may be adapted according
to the country context.
We are grateful to Dr Khanitta Nuntaboot for developing this framework.
Dr Khanitta is an associate professor in community health nursing, Faculty of
Nursing, Khon Kaen University, Thailand, a chairperson of the Nurse for the
Community by the Community Project, and the President of Nurse Practitioner
Association in Community Nursing, Thailand. This document was developed
based on her extensive research studies in the community and teaching
Special thanks are extended to the participants of the second meeting of the
South-East Asia Nursing and Midwifery Educational Network, in Chandigarh, India
in 2007. Their critical review and comments on the framework were valuable.
Lastly, appreciation is extended to Dr Bandana Malhotra for editing this
Nursing and Midwifery Unit
Regional Office for South-East Asia

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