Analysis on the Influence of Lecturers’ Performance and Teaching-Learning Process to Students’ Academic Achievement of Surabaya Anesthesiology Nursing Study Program

The academic achievement of odd semester students of Surabaya Anesthesiology Nursing Study Program (S-ANSP) of the academic year 2002/2003 was low shown by 28% good qualification grades and by 72% sufficient qualification grades data.The main purpose of this research was to analyze the influence of lecturers’ performance and Teaching-Learning process to students of S-ANSP academic performance. This was an analytic observational research, conducted cross-sectionally. The population was students of S-ANSP odd semester from the academic year 2003/2004 (130 people) and all lecturers which were given the authority and responsibility to give lectures and to be students’ tutor amounting to 32 people, the sample utilized was a total sample (non random sampling).The research results were the entire students’ academic achievement had a mean value of 70.94125; the 1st semester grades had a mean value of 70.2675 with sufficient and good modus value; the 3rd semester’s mean value was 68.8750 with a sufficient modus value; and 5th semester‘s mean value was 77 with a good modus value. The results of the Linear Regression Test (α =0.05) showed that there was an influence of lecturers’ performance to students’ academic achievement (p=0.049; R2=0.1651); and of lecturers’ performance in teaching planning to students’ academic achievement (p=0.011; R2 =0.2568); that there was no influence of lecturers’ performance in teaching implementation to students’ academic achievement (p=0.186); and that there was no influence of lecturers’ performance in teaching evaluation to students’ academic achievement (p=0.097). Students with good school grades were advised to maintain their performance, while students with low grades were advised to improve their grades by eliminating their habitual attitude that studying was only to graduate and to get a diploma. To the Head of S-ANSP, it is advisable to have an assessment on lecturers’ performance followed by rewards and also improvement efforts on students’ study interest.

keywords : students’ academic achievement, lecturer, learning process

* Prodi Keperawatan Anestesi Surabaya ** Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya
Correspondence: Yuniastini, Jl. Heri Kasianto No.14, Surabaya 60121, Indonesia.

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