Bibliographic Management Software

Having a complete, correct record of citations saves time and avoids frustration if
you want to locate resources at a later date. You might be interested in using
computer software—called bibliographic management software—that is designed
to record and organize your citations.
Bibliographic management software allows you to keep track of citations by
creating a personal database of references. Records can be created for books,
journal articles, book chapters, dissertations, art work, recordings, Web pages,
letters, manuscripts, etc. These records can be entered manually or imported
directly from many library catalogs and commercial databases.
Once a record is in the database, you can search for all records on a specific
subject or by a certain author, create bibliographies of all or selected records,
and format references in a specific bibliographic style while using word
processing software.
Although there are many different bibliographic management software products,
Thomson ISI ResearchSoft produces the three that are most popular amongst
academic researchers: EndNote, ProCite and Reference Manager. To find out
more about them, you can visit:

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