1. What are the Brunsfield Oxford ASEAN Human Rights (BOAHR) scholarships?
    The BOAHR Scholarships are five fully funded scholarships (one per year) for candidates from ASEAN countries to study for the Master’s in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford, a part-time degree taught over 22 months and consisting of two residential sessions in Oxford and two periods of distance learning. The first scholarship has already been awarded (for the course starting September 2014). The second is available for the course starting September 2015.
    The Scholarships are funded by the Brunsfield Foundation in Kuala Lumpur and are aimed at human rights advocates from ASEAN (see Section 8 below) countries who can demonstrate exceptional academic merit and/or potential. Each scholarship provides the tuition and college fee and a maintenance grant for the full duration of the student’s course.
  2. Am I eligible?
    More information is here:

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