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Singapore Nurse Scholarship

A government health institution in Singapore is opening opportunity for Indonesian best students for 3 (three) years full Nurse Scholarship

Requirement :
1.Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) fresh graduate with average minimum grade 75 for BAHASA INDONESIA, BAHASA INGGRIS, and FISIKA/KIMIA/BIOLOGI. And average minimum grade 80 for MATEMATIKA (2008/2009 graduates are allowed to apply)
2.Good health
3.Able to speak English (speaking Chinese/Mandarin is preferable)

Please send your application & CV (in English) to :

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By: Meredith Wallace
The increased numbers of older adults in the United States undoubtedly has
a major impact on the demand of this population on the health care system.
The Alliance for Aging Research (2002) reports that the average older
adult has three chronic medical conditions. Consequently, more nurses are
needed to care for the increasing number of older adults with chronic illness.
It is commonly assumed that any nurse can take care of older adults.
However, with the increasing population of older adults there has been an
increase in the amount of specialized geriatric nursing knowledge needed
to care for this population. Not only are more nurses needed to care for
older adults, but nurses competent in the care of older adults will be needed
to meet the enhanced needs of the older population. Rosenfeld, Bottrell,
Fulmer, and Mezey (1999) report that “Today, a nurse’s typical patient is
an older adult,” and “it behooves the nursing community to ensure that
every nurse graduating from a baccalaureate nursing program has a defined
level of competency in care of the elderly”.
Despite the increased need, as well as the substantial growth in geriatric
nursing science, the fi eld of gerontological nursing has been slow
to gain recognition as a nursing specialty. While more and more nursing
programs are offering courses in geriatric nursing or integrating best
geriatric nursing practices throughout programs, geriatric nursing is still
not a popular specialty area among nursing students. Continue reading GERONTOLOGICAL NURSING

International Classification for Nursing Practice

Nursing leaders have long recognised that clear articulation of nursing practice is
essential for full recognition of the breadth and depth of the profession. Florence
Nightingale wrote in Notes on Nursing “the very elements of nursing are all but unknown”
(1859). Isabell Hampton Robb later wrote “While attending a special meeting of the ICN
in Paris, I was naturally at once struck by the fact…that the methods and ways of
regarding nursing problems were…as foreign to the various delegations as were the
actual languages? and the thought occurred to me that …sooner or later we must put
ourselves upon a common basis and work out what may be termed a ‘nursing esperanto’
which would in the course of time, give us a universal nursing language” (1909). More
recently Dr Norma Lang commented on the invisibility of nursing: “If we cannot name it,
we cannot control it, finance it, research it, teach it, or put it into public policy” (Clark &
Lang 1992). Continue reading International Classification for Nursing Practice