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How To Be A Nurse 1

Listen. Really listen as patients are speaking. Give them some time and listen to their words. Watch their body language. Don’t interrupt with your own agenda. Try to connect with your gut feelings about them as you are listening, but don’t pollute those feelings with a judgmental attitude.
Be gentle with yourself and your colleagues. Most of us are lucky enough to have two hands and two legs… but you can only carry so many bedpans at a time.
If you have made a mistake or you feel things are overwhelming you don’t beat yourself up. After all number one, we’re only mortal. Any nurse that tells you that they have not made at least one distressing error during their career is either a liar or haven’t been nursing very long. I’ve made some crackers.
Ask for help often. Ask questions often. Eat chocolate often.

Spiritual Therapies

A state of wholeness or health is dependent not only on one’s relationship to the physical and interpersonal
environment but also to the spiritual aspects of self. The idea that there is a relationship between spirituality and health is not new. “At the core of many holistic modalities are spirituality and healing, which encompass a person’s values, meaning, and purpose in life . . . The concept of spirit implies a quality of transcendence, a guiding force, or something outside the self and beyond the individual nurse or patient” (Dossey, 1998).
The role of the spirit in healing is witnessed in all cultures. The inseparable link between the state of one’s
soul (life energy or spirit) and the state of one’s health is accepted by many cultures. Scientists (especially
psychoneuroimmunologists) are beginning to validate that there are inner mechanisms of healing within individuals. Many of the major religions have ideologies relating to health, illness, and healing.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is the application of pressure and motion by the hands with the intent of improving the
recipient’s well-being. It involves kneading, rubbing, and using friction. The primary techniques used to perform a massage are described in the accompanying display. For the past 30 years, many touch therapies have been assimilated into mainstream nursing practice. Massage therapy is now recognized as a highly beneficial modality and is prescribed by a number of physicians. In addition, many states now have licensing requirements for massage practitioners.
Traditionally, back rubs have been administered by nurses to provide comfort to hospitalized clients. Continue reading Therapeutic Massage