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Author: Ferry Efendi, Nursalam, Retno Indarwati

Nursing informatics specialises in integrating the sciences of nursing, computer and information in identifying, collecting, processing, and managing data and information to support nursing practice, administration, education, research, and the expansion of nursing knowledge. The rapid change of health care delivery system is creating a pressing need for nurses to acquire advanced knowledge and skills in informatics in order to provide leadership in reshaping nursing and health care in communities and also health care providers. Societal changes have been influencing the nature of nursing in the future.
They are changes in nurses’ roles, increased globalization, industrialization of developing countries, and educational developments. Nurses of the future will play a key role as an information mediator to facilitate the uses of technology by consumers. Desk analysis was performed from online and offline published materials. After discussing the changes in nurses’ role in the future, the papers proposes an integration of nursing informatics subjects into nursing education curricula in higher education institutions of Indonesia. Nursing students then will get ready for their future roles and in a wider context, will be prepared for the global competition.

Keywords: nursing informatics, nurse

Responsibilities of Faculty & Nursing Program in Preceptorship Program

Responsibilities of the school of nursing and faculty include the following:
• Communicate with agency and preceptor to determine agreement regarding the number of students and assigned schedule.
• Identify learning opportunities for student clinical experience with preceptor, agency administration, and student.
• Provide course objectives, syllabus, and textbook to agency and preceptor.
• Become oriented to the agency policies and procedures, facility and equipment.
• Collaborate with agency administration and preceptor regarding the amount and type of supervision to be provided by faculty to students.
• Assure ongoing communication with agency administration, preceptor and student.
• Provide support and feedback to the preceptor and student.
• Provide adequate supervision, guidance and evaluation of students.
• Provide documentation that the students and faculty have professional liability insurance coverage.
• Advise the agency as to the plan for student’s emergency medical care while assigned to the agency.
• Assure memorandum of agreement between agency and School of Nursing is in place.
• Evaluate preceptor experience with agency administration, preceptor and student.
• Report benefits of preceptor program to stakeholders.
• Meet with agency staff before, during, and following the educational experience to evaluate the learning experience and plan for the future.