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Responsibilities of Faculty & Nursing Program in Preceptorship Program

Responsibilities of the school of nursing and faculty include the following:
• Communicate with agency and preceptor to determine agreement regarding the number of students and assigned schedule.
• Identify learning opportunities for student clinical experience with preceptor, agency administration, and student.
• Provide course objectives, syllabus, and textbook to agency and preceptor.
• Become oriented to the agency policies and procedures, facility and equipment.
• Collaborate with agency administration and preceptor regarding the amount and type of supervision to be provided by faculty to students.
• Assure ongoing communication with agency administration, preceptor and student.
• Provide support and feedback to the preceptor and student.
• Provide adequate supervision, guidance and evaluation of students.
• Provide documentation that the students and faculty have professional liability insurance coverage.
• Advise the agency as to the plan for student’s emergency medical care while assigned to the agency.
• Assure memorandum of agreement between agency and School of Nursing is in place.
• Evaluate preceptor experience with agency administration, preceptor and student.
• Report benefits of preceptor program to stakeholders.
• Meet with agency staff before, during, and following the educational experience to evaluate the learning experience and plan for the future.

Preceptor Definition and Qualifications

“A preceptor is a person who teaches, counsels, inspires, serves as a role model and supports the growth and development of an individual (the novice) for a fixed and limited amount of time with the specific purpose of socializing the novice into a new role.” (Morrow, 1984)
Preceptors may work with one or several students. The preceptor may be the primary day-to-day agency contact for the student or assist in connecting the student(s) with others in the agency. The agency and the faculty member should jointly decide on the specific arrangements for the preceptor-student relationship.
• Willingness to share professional values, beliefs, and skills with the student
• A passion for public health nursing and a desire to share the practice with others
• A strong knowledge of population-based public health nursing
• Experience as a public health nurse with ability to convey the essential components of the public health nursing role to students
• Effective verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to listen
and ask questions
• Well organized and dependable
• Strong problem solving skills
Morrow, K. L. (1984). Preceptorships In Nursing Staff Development. Rockville, MD: Aspen systems

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