Hati-hati Jika Mendapat Tawaran menulis di Jurnal Internasional ataupun SImposium/Seminar Internasional

Pagi Kawan,
Sekedar sharing nich, semenjak publish di jurnal internasional www.rrh.org.au saya mendapat beberapa tawaran untuk publish artikel dari beberapa editor di jurnal internasional. Wah jadi artis lokal nich, hehehe…. nanti saya update juga undangan dari International Journal of Nursing Education and Practice (belum sempat ngetik, masih sibuk jualan, xixixixi……) Bunyi suratnya seperti berikut:
Dear Dr. Efendi,
We are publishing a journal entitled ‘Journal of General Medicine‘ which is an open access journal freely available at www.jgenmed.com . This is a new journal and we are currently in the process of putting together our second issue. Even though the journal considers manuscripts from all areas of general medicine, but we are especially interested in all issues relating to rural medicine and the practice of medicine in low-resource settings. From our experience we realize that the articles published in symposia are more frequently read by the readers. Therefore we are arranging a symposium on low-resource medicine. We have great pleasure in inviting you to submit an article within the scope of low-resource medicine for the symposium. We believe that an article written by you will surely enhance the value of the journal issue.

You will be free to choose your own topic as long as it is within the scope of low-resource medicine. However if you wish to have a topic assigned to you, we would be happy to do that as well. You would be free to take help from as many colleagues as you require. The article can be a review article, a research article, a brief communication, a case report, a perspective article, or an editorial. Since this is an invited article, fees would not be charged from you. The instructions regarding preparation of the manuscript are available from the journal’s website at www.jgenmed.com . Should you require any further information or clarification in this regard, please reply back to this email.

We will be highly obliged if you could send the manuscript to us by 4th October, 2012. In case, you are not able to submit the paper by this date, do let us know in advance.

Please do reply back to this email with your decision of accepting or rejecting our invitation. To prevent unnecessary delays in the issue preparation, if we do not receive a reply to this email within 7 days, we would assume that you have not accepted our invitation.

I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.
Setelah saya cek ulang tuch jurnal, memang bisa diakses, tapi serba mencurigakan, pertama dari Editor. Editor disana hanya tertulis nama tanpa bisa diakses siapa dan darimana dia. Kedua, content journal, kesannya amburadul dan belum layak dikatakan jurnal, apalagi yang berlabel internasional.
Sekarang pertanyaannya adalah apa motif orang tersebut?? hmmmm…. ini yang saya gak sempat ngetik juga, soalnya panjang x lebar, kalau antum/anna ada komen silahkan tinggalkan di bawah ya, have a blessed day.

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