How To Be A Nurse 2

always make the effort to remember your patients names.
stop calling them sweetie or darlin’ or honey when you do forget them.
focus less on producing nurse practitioners and more on empowering nurse mentors.
slow down, loosen up, engage in plenty of intercourse and raise your voice.
become an advocate for improving our profession. Be focused. Be credible. Be tactical.
stop seeing patients as problems and start respecting them as complex beings with their own values, needs and priorities.
Mentorship: Perhaps the most useful tool is finding a mentor to both guide and listen during the reflective process.
Journaling: Some find it useful to keep a journal or written narrative of their experiences. The very act of structuring and arranging your thoughts, and funnelling them through your left hemispheres onto paper may be very illuminating.
Blogging: opens a great potential for reflective practice that has been underestimated and largely ignored by our profession. It provides ample opportunity for interaction, extrospection and cross-referenced reflection.

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