Japan Fund for Global Environment

Now, we are open for the JFGE grant FY2015
2014/12/19 – 2015/1/14 (only acceptable by MAIL)

If you consider applying for our grant program, please follow the guidance page below carefully.

Eligibility Quiz

Eligibility Quiz
At first, if you are Non-Japanese organizations, please check this quiz!

A Guide to JFGE Grant Request

A Guide to JFGE Grant Request (PDF 872KB)
Then, more specific information is provided through A Guide to JFGE Grant Request. ( FY2015 information is opened now, so please check it. )


  • All application forms for JFGE should to be written in Japanese.
  • Some vocabularies on this website have been revised from last year’s;
    i.e. representative = agent
  • Japanese agent is necessary when applicants want to apply for JFGE Grant, so please find the agent by applicant. Fluent Japanese skill is needed for the agent. The agent’s work is to contact to JFGE, and transfer grant on behalf of the recipient.

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