Kesempatan bekerja sebagai perawat di belanda


The shortage of well-educated health personnel in the Netherlands is currently an enormous problem. Since this problem will not automatically be solved in the coming years because of the aging population, a solution has to be found now. This is where Yomema, member of T&S Care, comes in.
Yomema, before T&S Care, is specialised in recruiting and training health care employee’s for the Dutch market. We collaborate with a diversity of healthcare institutions, hospitals and recruitment agencies to recruit the desired personnel. We ensure that the candidates are well integrated in the Netherlands. To make the integration process run smoothly, we offer a language course that trains the candidates until language level B1. In the language course lessons about the Dutch culture are included. Also an internship including a reimbursement is provided. During the whole process we ensure the candidates will feel welcome and everything necessary is arranged and paid, such as housing, transport, et cetera.
In conclusion, we offer a thorough, recognized training program for medical nurses with a master degree, which results in a certified Dutch diploma. The young professionals will be employed by a permanent contract with a hospital or healthcare institution.
So what we try to do is the following: we try to find a way to get these medical nurses with a master degree from Indonesia to the Netherlands. We hope to receive all cooperation to put these nurses to work in the Netherlands. Contact person: Marieke, with email is and Leon


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