Last chance to submit your abstract

Abstracts must be submitted before tomorrow – April 24th in order to be included for oral and poster presentation at Health Services Research: Evidence-based practice, taking place at King’s College London, UK from 1-3 July 2014.

The program includes:
– Health Economics: Building the economic evidence base
– Health Systems: Adapting health systems to demographic and disease change
– Human Resources for Health: The mobility of health professionals in a globalized labor market
– Implementation Science: Strategies for scaling up and for sustaining interventions, development and evaluation
– Health policy Covering both high-income and low/middle-income countries

The distinguished speakers for the conference include Nicholas Mays, Göran Tomson, and Trisha Greenhalgh.
BioMed Central, in association with its portfolio of health services research and policy journals, is pleased to announce the first international conference, Health Services Research: Evidence-based practice, that will take place 1-3 July 2014 at King’s College London, UK.

As health services research is a multidisciplinary field, this meeting will have a broad scope and address topics from many viewpoints, with a focus on international health policy but including local health care systems.

With health policies often dictated by politicians, integrating evidence into health service practice remains challenging. Changes to health services and health policies are all too often implemented without reference to available research evidence. This conference considers the latest health services research findings, and how the evidence should and can be translated into practice.

Each session will be led by a distinguished leader in the field, and will include both invited speakers and a number of talks by participants selected from the submitted abstracts.

Registrants for the ‘Health Services Research’ conference are entitled to a 15% discount on article processing charges for publications in the BMC Health Services Research, Implementation Science, Human Resources for Health, Health Research Policy and Systems and all other BioMed Central journals. The offer will apply until 3 October 2014.

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