Studi Migrasi perawat indonesia ke luar negeri

Beberapa studi terkait migrasi perawat Indonesia yang pernah dilakukan oleh peneliti diantaranya:

  1. IJEPA: gray area for health policy and international nurse migration
  2. Return migration of Indonesian nurses from Japan: Where should they go?
  3. Return migration of nurses: a concept analysis
  4. Indonesian Nurses Migration Under Bilateral Agreement: Policy Issues and Responses
  5. Proposing a Return Migration Policy: Insights from Indonesia Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (IJEPA) Nurses Study
  6. Monitoring the implementation of the WHO Global Code of Practice on the international recruitment of health personnel: the case of Indonesia
  7. Nursing qualification and workforce for the association of Southeast Asian Nations economic community
  8. A deskilling and challenging journey: the lived experience of Indonesian nurse returnees
  9. Lived experience of Indonesian nurses in Japan: A phenomenological study
  10. Human Resources for Health Country Profile of Indonesia
  11. The Situational Analysis of Nursing Education and Workforce In Indonesia
  12. A Comparative Study of Nursing Educational System in Indonesia and Japan
  13. Return Migrants to Indonesia: A Case Study Of EPA Returnees