PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases Writing Workshop


In keeping with its commitment to building scientific capacity in disease endemic countries, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases hosts periodic Writing Workshops for potential authors led by experienced PLOS Editors. These Workshops are geared toward helping young scientists understand the publication process and best practices for manuscript writing. We are delighted to offer these slides as resources for both authors and educators under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.

Fact Sheet Postcard

Download the Slides in English

PowerPoint Slides (26.4MB)

Slides in PDF Format (1.89MB)

Download the Slides in Spanish

PowerPoint Slides (27.3MB)

Slides in PDF Format (2.41MB)

For more information or questions about the Writing Workshops, please email us at plosntds and see our Speaking of Medicine article on a workshop hosted by PLOS NTDs Deputy Editors Daniel G. Bausch and Amy C. Morrison in 2014 in Peru.

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