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Perawat dan Gaji Dunia Keperawatan

Sekit kaget ketika mampir ke situs www.gajimu.com, disitu tertulis gaji perawat berkisar puluhan juta rupiah, bagi yang tidak percaya silahkan langsung menuju TKP 🙂
Nikita Septi Ristianti – Perawat – Lahir: 1986 Indonesia

Tahunan: IDR 25.697.619,00
Bulanan: IDR 2.141.468,00
Mingguan: IDR 513.952,00
Harian: IDR 102.790,00
Maya – Perawat Rumah Sakit – Lahir: 1988 Indonesia

Tahunan: IDR 29.880.952,00
Bulanan: IDR 2.490.079,00
Mingguan: IDR 597.619,00
Harian: IDR 119.523,00

Berapa gaji Kamu ? Silakan isi di Survei Gaji
Nelly Halanskaya – Perawat – Lahir: 1957, Belarus – Menikah – Anak: 1

Tahunan: IDR 16.623.099,00
Bulanan: IDR 1.385.258,00
Mingguan: IDR 332.462,00
Harian: IDR 66.492,00
Olesya Pushkareva – Perawat – Lahir: 1988, Belarus – Menikah – Anak: 1

Tahunan: IDR 14.930.662,00
Bulanan: IDR 1.244.222,00
Mingguan: IDR 298.613,00
Harian: IDR 59.723,00
Elaine Johnson – Perawat – Lahir: 1960, Afrika Selatan – Anak: 2

Tahunan: IDR 66.864.425,00
Bulanan: IDR 5.572.035,00
Mingguan: IDR 1.337.288,00
Harian: IDR 267.458,00
Trish Cale – Perawat – Lahir: 1960, Afrika Selatan

Tahunan: IDR 26.745.994,00
Bulanan: IDR 2.228.833,00
Mingguan: IDR 534.920,00
Harian: IDR 106.984,00
Grada Nederlof – Perawat – Lahir: 1949, Belanda – Sendiri – Anak: 2

Tahunan: IDR 435.734.136,00
Bulanan: IDR 36.311.178,00
Mingguan: IDR 8.714.683,00
Harian: IDR 1.742.937,00
Sandra Kleefstra – Perawat – Lahir: 1978, Belanda – Anak: 1
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When the Nurse Wants to Be Called ‘Doctor’

NASHVILLE — With pain in her right ear, Sue Cassidy went to a clinic. The doctor, wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope in one pocket, introduced herself.
“Hi. I’m Dr. Patti McCarver, and I’m your nurse,” she said. And with that, Dr. McCarver stuck a scope in Ms. Cassidy’s ear, noticed a buildup of fluid and prescribed an allergy medicine.

It was something that will become increasingly routine for patients: a someone who is not a physician using the title of doctor.

Dr. McCarver calls herself a doctor because she returned to school to earn a doctorate last year, one of thousands of nurses doing the same recently. Doctorates are popping up all over the health professions, and the result is a quiet battle over not only the title “doctor,” but also the money, power and prestige that often comes with it.

As more nurses, pharmacists and physical therapists claim this honorific, physicians are fighting back. For nurses, getting doctorates can help them land a top administrative job at a hospital, improve their standing at a university and win them more respect from colleagues and patients. But so far, the new degrees have not brought higher fees from insurers for seeing patients or greater authority from states to prescribe medicines.

Nursing leaders say that their push to have more nurses earn doctorates has nothing to do with their fight of several decades in state legislatures to give nurses more autonomy, money and prescriptive power.

But many physicians are suspicious and say that once tens of thousands of nurses have doctorates, they will invariably seek more prescribing authority and more money. Otherwise, they ask, what is the point?

Dr. Roland Goertz, the board chairman of the American Academy of Family Physicians, says that physicians are worried that losing control over “doctor,” a word that has defined their profession for centuries, will be followed by the loss of control over the profession itself. He said that patients could be confused about the roles of various health professionals who all call themselves doctors. Continue reading When the Nurse Wants to Be Called ‘Doctor’

Director of ICU and Director of CVICU

Central Florida Health Alliance is a not-for-profit healthcare system made up of Leesburg Regional Medical Center and The Villages Health System offering acute care services that deliver quality care in a compassionate environment.

We´ve been recognized as one of the Orlando Sentinel´s Top 100 Companies for working families 10 years in a row, and we´ve been voted No. 1 three times. We´re also acknowledged as an employer of choice because we offer competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits including tuition reimbursement.

Join us and discover how we deliver experienced, quality care in a compassionate environment. We seek dedicated RNs who are ready to learn, grow and excel by providing great care to our patients.

For more information about our careers please visit www.cfhacareers.com
or call 866-298-2091, 352-323-5360 or 352-516-3394
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