Termination Phase

The termination phase is the third and final stage of the of the therapeutic relationship. It focuses on the evaluation of goal achievement and effectiveness of treatment. It is important that the client has been prepared for the final stage of the relationship by encouraging discussion of feelings. Some clients welcome this final phase, whereas other clients who have become overly dependent on their nurse will be more resistant to saying goodbye. Planning for termination is actually initiated during the beginning of the relationship. A relationship that ends abruptly is likely to place the client at risk for difficulties such as increased:
• Anxiety levels
• Frustration
• Suspiciousness
• Unwillingness to engage in future relationships with health care providers
Evaluation is the primary goal for the client and nurse in the third stage of the nurse-client relationship.
Questions to be answered include:
• Were the goals meaningful?
• Were the goals realistic?
• Were the client and family actively involved?
The following nursing checklist can be used to evaluate skill in establishing a therapeutic nurse-client

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