Working As A Nurse in New Zealand

Find out WHY being a permanent resident of New Zealand could be your stepping stone/pathway for you and your family to work and migrate to other big countries like Australia, UK, Canada and USA.
Find out HOW you and your family will become permanent residents of New Zealand, shorter and faster processing time compare to other big countries.
Find out WHY to become a permanent resident is your most important goal in working and migrating abroad.
Benefits of a Permanent Resident in New Zealand:
Medical benefits
FREE education of children (primary, intermediate, secondary)
College education and further education loan (Student Loan Scheme)
Spouse can work full-time
Emergency benefits
Unemployment benefits
Tax Returns
4 weeks paid vacation leave every year
Option to become a New Zealand citizen
Very Good News! The Nursing Council of New Zealand has a NEW lenient procedure on achieving the English language level requirement (IELTS)!
Very Good News! Sponsorship option is also available.
The New Zealand Immigration Service provides faster and easier procedure for migration for nurses and their families!
Why Choose New Zealand?
New Zealand has a worldwide reputation as one of the best countries to live in
Multi-cultural country
Open to immigrants
Lower cost yet higher standard of living
Very low crime rate
Very low discrimination rate
Renowned social benefits
Family reunification system
Professional potentials of immigrants are well recognized and rewarded
Finest public health programmes
Higher education standards (British based education system)
New Zealand has been voted as the most peaceful country on earth in the 2009 and 2010 Global Peace Index (GPI) and the world’s least corrupt country in the Transparency International 2009 Corruption Perceptions Index.

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